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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Oooh, smart Fatret. Obviously resigning would be another avoidance mechanism. I actually think Brenok would be following the rules if a medical professional stated that making big decisions in her condition should not be allowed, as a part of her course of treatment. (Of course, I know that at least in the USA, that logic wouldn't fly, but on Cardassia I imagine it would.)
Actually, I'm not so sure Fatret told him anything. It could as well be Brenok's emotions speaking. He doesn't want to let her go.
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As for Golek--to refuse a request for blankets when he knows Cardassians can get hypothermia? Bastard. But of course only a bastard can preside over the death of a planet. There's a spot in the Obsidian Order for you, Mr. Orion.
I'm surprised Golek is allowed to refuse such an order. Either his commander is not much better, or she doesn't know. Or they both believe that the Cardassians "deserve" it.
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Now, the Gorgor...that's interesting to see that they may well judge the Cardassians as "changed," and the Klingons as "not." But the Federation refusal to will that piece of information play when they find out? That has soooooooo many political implications. Some could be good, but others could be deadly for the Cardassians, the Federation, and everyone else.
There's going to be on Gorgor. I'm not sure how much of their way of thinking and reasoning would be revealed in this story, but they are going to be a recurring alien and finally known better to the reader.
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As for Av'Roo...while her culture's way of expressing it is very different, I think what she did was very, VERY touching. If her people were once like Cardassia was--violent, oppressive, and uncaring--then it does put her in a unique position to deal with this. I also like that while she says this is mostly a symbol now, that she does not say it's devoid of significance, or a connection to something bigger than the tangible symbol itself.

I know AU Dukat would've been pleased, too.
I wrote that scene long time ago and had already made a decision to dump it and not use it. But then I changed my mind.
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