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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Oooh, smart Fatret. Obviously resigning would be another avoidance mechanism. I actually think Brenok would be following the rules if a medical professional stated that making big decisions in her condition should not be allowed, as a part of her course of treatment. (Of course, I know that at least in the USA, that logic wouldn't fly, but on Cardassia I imagine it would.)

That art piece...that actually reminds me of the way the Berlin Wall was cut into pieces. But if someone's running an illegal art ring, with Cardassian art...NOT cool. I hope, though, that it turns out to be what Jarol says it is, because that could give her something better and more meaningful for her to do with her life. I still think she needs to resign--but once she can do so in a clearheaded fashion.

As for Golek--to refuse a request for blankets when he knows Cardassians can get hypothermia? Bastard. But of course only a bastard can preside over the death of a planet. There's a spot in the Obsidian Order for you, Mr. Orion.

Now, the Gorgor...that's interesting to see that they may well judge the Cardassians as "changed," and the Klingons as "not." But the Federation refusal to will that piece of information play when they find out? That has soooooooo many political implications. Some could be good, but others could be deadly for the Cardassians, the Federation, and everyone else.

Personally...I think that what Laran said was right. There is so much of a separation between Legate Jarol and Jarol as a mother that they are like two different personas.

As for Av'Roo...while her culture's way of expressing it is very different, I think what she did was very, VERY touching. If her people were once like Cardassia was--violent, oppressive, and uncaring--then it does put her in a unique position to deal with this. I also like that while she says this is mostly a symbol now, that she does not say it's devoid of significance, or a connection to something bigger than the tangible symbol itself.

I know AU Dukat would've been pleased, too.
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