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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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But there have been a lot of old movies remastered and released in Blu Ray to a high standard. Colorizing black and white is creating something that wasn't there to begin with, however everything that was filmed on 35mm film does have a lot of detail in the picture than has previously been unavailable to domestic audiences.
You're not getting my point! I'm all for remastering old movies and such, if it only means cleaning up the picture and increasing resolution.

Adding new fx on the other hand IS "creating something that wasn't there to begin with"! The point is, that improving quality is a good thing, making black and white movies colour and adding new fx to Trek is not!

But the current FX "isn't" there though. At least in terms of quality. It would be pin sharp shots cutting to blurry as hell shots back and forth throughout. That would be more jarring than a thoughtful remastering with CG effects. TOS-R was always "what if they had CG in the 60s?" approach, that is why the models still lacked any fine details, texturing and dynamic lighting. TNG-R on the other hand should be as photo-real as possible when it comes to updated effects as that was the intention when it was created. The models used then were of a much higher standard than those used in the 60s, and so the CG remastering should also be of a much higher standard.

If any TNG-R work looked like TOS-R I would be upset, but I fully expect it to at least look like the shots from "These Are The Voyages" if not better given 6 years of technological improvement. I also advocate changing designs which were simply reused or haphazardly modified at the last minute in any remastering to add some incentive to watch again and break up the Excelsior class of the week which cropped up A LOT in TNG. Seeing fleshed out Wolf 359 designs like the Cheyenne class, Springfield and New Orleans classes instead of the same Excelsior over and over again when applicable would make sense if you ask me, especially considering any effort would have to be remade from the ground up.
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