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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

The cuts made for the 10th anniversary concert are along the lines of what I would expect to see in the film, which means the street brawl / attempted mugging of Valjean and Cosette, the death of Gavroche and Thenardier's appearance at the wedding feast would be axed (and honestly, those are no big losses).

I'd also toss "Turning" (really, I just hate that song, although it could be because of the melody, I'm no fan of "Lovely Ladies," either) and "Little People" and probably turn "Every Day" into dialogue. Cut "Drink With Me" down, as well as "The ABC Cafe."

I would expect "Work Song" to play over the opening titles, moving directly into Valjean's release and his robbery of the bishop. They'll absolutely have to expand that early part of the story, because the musical makes a huge jump from "Valjean repents" to "Valjean owns a factory and is the mayor of a town," and that really won't fly in a movie.
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