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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

ENG U21 were minutes away from going though but crash out 2-1 same old story lack of ability on the ball and we had way more of it like 60%ish. I look at that team and I see...


Only players that probably can make it along with the likes of Carroll, Wilshere, Lennon, Gibbs & Richards who were eligable but didn't take part.

Bertrand needs to leave Chelsea if only on loan though because hes better than Gibbs but need games, while Gibbs need to actually be able to walk FAR TOO injury prone already at 20 years of age. Also Rodwell needs to stay fit and realise his potential because he's come off the track lately AND Henderson is just plain poor, Liverpool have been robbed.

ENG future looks strong for defence and ok for Wingers and strikers but lack of cover in the goalkeeper department is worrying and a MASSIVE problem is middle of the park, the lack of real ability to do anything is a problem. Wilshere cannot run a midfield on his own, he needs one quality attacking and one defensive minded player(s) with him.
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