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- Oceans (Basically just GIANT bodies of water) are probably not going to happen.
That's a pity, I kind of liked the scale of the Atlantic on that world map I played a few weeks ago. Admittedly, 9 minutes to cross it was probably too much, but something 2 minutes wide that goes as deep as bedrock would have been awesome.

- Animals will be more persistent, only really spawning at the generation of a world.
I like the idea that we'll have to breed animals, but it sounds worrying for existing worlds. I hope I wont have to generate new chunks to find farm animals, especially since I live on an island so getting animals to my main base would be a nightmare.

- There's a possibility for infinite map height.
It sounds like you'll be able to build up infinitely, but the world wont generate mountains higher than those currently in existence, which is a pity.

- There's a high possibility for "exclusive" items/blocks found in certain areas. Sort of like the jungles, corruption, etc. in Terraria.
Excellent, I've been wanting this sort of stuff since the introduction of biomes.
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