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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

As far as I could determine, Green Lantern was upconverted. It showed - the only thing that stuck out as truly 3D were
. I also saw Thor in 3D - I thought it's 3D was weak, but Green Lantern's was far weaker. Hollywood needs to make a decision with each film: film it in 3D or don't do 3D at all. No more half-assing (read: converting) it.

I think Blake Lively was miscast - I don't know, something about the way she played it, I didn't buy, at least in the first half of the film. I hope there's a sequel film - but they may need to pull a The Dark Knight and recast the role of Carol. The film also should have made some references to the DC universe (something like, "It was also easier for Ferris to win the contract now that Wayne Enterprises is out of the defense business," or "Maybe we should we working with Luthorcorp" - similar to the Metropolis reference in Batman Forever) - even if they won't be in the same "universe." I also would have loved to see references to the other human Lanterns (Stewart, Gardner, Rayner and Scott).

Regaring the secret identity issue:

I wish we had more time spent with some of the other GLs, other than Kilowag and Tomar-Re. Maybe in the sequels. I've also imagined Hal as slightly older and more mature, at least from all the other incarnations that I've seen. But that would come with time (and, again, sequels). And, I would have focused on Hammond with this story and let the Parallax thing be an impending threat that would arrive a film or two down the road.

Peter Sarsgaard was great in this movie.

Overall, despite my problems with the film, I enjoyed it. I will probably see it again at some point. It had more highs than lows. Maybe next time, less cooks (or writers) in the kitchen.
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