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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
Always love following Farscape threads. I think the next episode is the one that may not seem very important, but it adds to the powerful emotional aspects of a future episode in Season 2.

Glad you're enjoying the show so far. As for Old Black Magic, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the best episode of the season. I think we got a lot more in regards to the Crichton/Crais storyline and at the time, I think it was needed.
This is definitely true. Up until this point, Crais really had come off a bit on a crazy side for his single-minded pursuit of Crichton in the face of all reason and logic. This at least fleshed out his motivation to the point that you could see why he'd go completely off the rails over Crichton's accidental killing of Tauvo.

Though what it doesn't answer (and what really never gets answered) is why his crew put up with his irrational behavior for so long. Sure, the Peacekeepers were an authoritarian organization, but Crais wasn't nearly high up the ladder that some of his subordinates didn't have channels to rat him out to higher authorities for dereliction of duty.
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