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Re: Is a Blu-Ray release of SG-1 possible?

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Well I'll be damned. So they didn't release it on blu-ray. Where the hell is the point in that then?! Also that Pyramid shot did look shit, even if some of the other FX were alright.

I have no idea then. If I can get the Blu ray set of SGA cheapish like I did BSG though, I might pick it up.
That was so fucked up. The Pyramid shot was from the movie and looked awesome. And they replaced it with crap.
Count me in on this too. It wasn't a terrible CG shot in of itself, but it looked so fake compared to the original movie shot, which looked fantastic and REAL. Maybe there was an issue with licensing the shot again? (I'm making up crap here).

Aside from that, all of the CG replacements were much better that I can recall, but I didn't like some of the edits, such as removing the "private parts" line. They made several references to the line in the series, so it made no sense to remove it. A couple of other edits I wasn't crazy about, like removing the part with Teal'c handing over his staff to Hammond. I think that was a good moment.

I picked it up pretty cheap on DVD, and I mostly got it for the commentary, so I was happy with it. For full price though, it didn't add much, especially since it's still only SD.
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