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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

Having caught up with the season this weekend, I have to say that this show is turning into the sitcom version of "Lost," and not in a good way.

Not only are we getting flash forwards and flash backwards, but they keep adding twist after twist to keep the show, and the mystery, going and the thing is starting to collapse under the weight of its own storytelling.

Also, I hate to be a wet blanket--and I know this is something of a sitcom/movie trope--but in real life if a couple is trying to get pregnant it seems the height of irresponsibility to have one spouse (previously established as the family's major earner while the other one is a compulsive shopper) quit his job and end up unemployed for at least six months (in a bad economy for legal jobs for young attorneys)...especially when the effects of unemployment on a marriage are devastating in real life.

Not sure I'm coming back next season as much as I like looking at Robin.
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