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A bit of news straight from Jeb, who did a MC presentation at Dreamhack over in Sweden.

- No plans for dynamic lighting, due to performance and gameplay issues (Mobs spawning, mobs burning in light, etc.)

- Dragons aren't 100% out-of-the-question, but they most likely won't happen.

- Oceans (Basically just GIANT bodies of water) are probably not going to happen.

- There will be an item or something to make diamond tools more powerful.

- No plans for obsidian tools.

- Animals will be more persistent, only really spawning at the generation of a world.

- There's a possibility for infinite map height.

- Pistons will not push players/blocks far (This was seen in the pistons WIP video though, but he explained why)

- Adventure mode will be more rewarding to players who like to explore (Notch mentioned this a while back as well).

- NPCs are pretty much planned (Most likely for adventure mode, although he spoke like they weren't).

- There's a high possibility for "exclusive" items/blocks found in certain areas. Sort of like the jungles, corruption, etc. in Terraria.

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