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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I doubt we'll see Green Arrow in anything solo, maybe as part of the Justice League, or Smallville: The Movie .
Which sucks, because Super Max sounded really cool, and I would love to see them go back to it.
Hey, it's just my opinion. The idea for Super Max does sound cool, though I think it might work better in comic book form. I don't see it as a good origin film, or introduction to Green Arrow. Then again, because it isn't a standard origin film it might seem more fresh.

If Green Lantern is having some name recognition issues, and he's been plastered all over the comic book reading world for the last several years, and he's been around for decades and still hasn't broken through to the public consciousness until this film (with the possible exception of John Stewart from JL/JLU), I can only imagine how the suits would consider Green Arrow. Arrow's been around just as long as Green Lantern, roughly speaking, and is even lesser known, and without the cool, gee whiz special powers and intergalactic backstory that was ripe for a franchise. Smallville is the one thing that Green Arrow has going for him in terms of the mainstream, but how much support is there really for a Green Arrow film, with or without Justin Hartley?

I would love to see something based on Green Arrow: Year One, followed by the Long Bow Hunters, but Green Arrow is an even riskier proposition than Wonder Woman or Flash. Perhaps if they made a low budget, hardcore Arrow, grindhouse style, that might work, but I don't think that's DC's aim right now. I think they want bigger franchises.
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