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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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Which was like I said maybe one or two a year. I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here though. GL is still on track for 60 million. I didn't expect more than 70 or 80 I think. It has another weekend to go before Dark of the Moon eats everything up.
Not anymore it isn't. Not after that Saturday drop.
The NEW weekend estimate has been down graded from $55m to $53m

As for the other question, why the drop? A number of factors I'd wager: Those who were eager did rush out, I point to the evidence of it's midnight showings actually topping Thor by $100K. Also, Joe Q moviegoer who may have been on the fence and if he uses RottenTomatoes he said, let me ask my friend who was eager for this. That kicks in WOM, he checks his FB page and no one is saying anything too great about it. In the 21st century of social media WOM can kick in fast. The Hangover 2 increased good on it's Saturday and Twitter/FB tracking showed heavily skewed positive WOM. GL ratio on Twitter was nearly flat. Something like 320 positive mentions on Friday to 280 Negative.
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