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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 4: Part 2

The two staff members were still arguing when Daria, Quinn, Cindy, Brittany and Stacy appeared in various places around the Server Room. Cindy appeared near Joey and Jane.

“What are you trying to do?” she asked them when she had recovered from the shock of the transition.

“We are trying to find the information Ms. Li has on the genie,” Jane said.

“Cool, let me have it. I am somewhat familiar with this OS,” Cindy said.

“OS?” Joey asked, confused.

“Operating System, the software that supports the basic functions upon which all the other software runs,” Cindy explained.

“Oh,” Joey said.

Jane slipped aside and watched her friend argue with the principal.

Meanwhile, Stacy and Brittany appeared next to Tiffany.

“Weren’t you elsewhe-ere?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes,” Stacy said.

Meanwhile, Daria and Quinn had appeared next to Ms. Defoe and Ms. Li.

The principal stopped her argument with the art teacher. “Ms. Morgendorffer! Give me that emerald!”

“Emerald?” Daria asked trying to be mysterious.

“Yes, Ms. Morgendorffer, the object that Ms. Griffin was using to ask the wishes!” Ms. Li said.

“I don't have it,” Daria said.

“Ms. Quinn Morgendorffer! Give me the emerald!” Ms. Li said without a beat. She knew that the younger sister tended to blab under pressure.

“Um, I don't have it either,” she admitted.

Daria looked at her sister.

“Dar-i-a! It slipped out of my fingers before we teleported!”

“That explains it,” Daria said.

“Great!” the principal exclaimed.

“Does anyone else have it now?” Ms. Defoe asked.

“There was no one else in the corridor when we were teleported, though someone could have been in one of the rooms,” Daria said.

“Where was this?” the Principal asked.

Daria said nothing, as she noticed Cindy getting into Ms. Li’s files.

Ms. Li turned her attention to Quinn.

“Near the history classrooms,” she said.

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” Ms Li said. She turned in the direction of the server and noticed Cindy there, and Jane and Joey watching her. “Ms. Brolsma! Move away from that keyboard!” She shouted.

Cindy entered a command without hesitation. She turned to the principal. “I have moved some of your files to an obscure directory,” she said.

The principal was livid. “It is just as well that you didn’t delete any of them, otherwise it would have been your enrolment that would have been deleted!”

“I knew that,” Cindy said.

“Right,” Daria said, wondering what was going to happen next.

“As it is, the punishment may be severe!” the principal said.

Cindy and Ms. Li continued to glare at each other.

Sandi saw Cindy crash into the others and the subsequent vanishing (including Quinn making the wish). She also saw that the emerald remained behind.

‘Take that, Cindy,’ she thought. She pushed herself off towards the emerald.

However someone else emerged from the corridor that Daria and the others had emerged from and got to the emerald before her!

“It is not ‘finders keepers’, Sandi!” Tania said as she started going down the corridor, away from Sandi.

“Like, come back here, Tania!” Sandi shouted. ‘Why is this happening, that I can’t get it back?’ she thought.

Jennifer entered Mrs. Manson’s office. “Mrs. Manson?”

“I’m here, Ms. Burns. Why are you here?” the school psychologist said.

“Another student has a problem, regarding this situation and she wants to talk to you about it. She is waiting in the nurse’s office.”

“What is this problem?”

“She can better explain it herself.”

The psychologist thought. “I will come,” she said.


“It is good that you finally graduated from the self esteem class isn’t it?”

Jennifer looked at the psychologist. “More like I finally grew tired of it!”

At Glen Oaks Lane, a patrolling squirrel came to Captain Jaywi’s outpost.

“You have something to report?” Captain Jaywi asked.

“Yes. The non-normative occurrences at the High School are getting more serious. There is a negation of gravity in the buildings.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, humans and objects are floating around inside.”

‘That is serious,’ Captain Jaywi thought. “Is there anything else to report?” He asked.

“Nothing else of consequence,” the other squirrel said.

“This needs to be reported to the Emporer,” Captain Jaywi said.

“I agree.”

“But I have to wait for another patroller to return before I can go to the Palace-Tree. You will have to stay also.”

“I will stay, sir.”


The squirrels began to wait.

Mrs. Manson and Jennifer entered the nurse’s office, which was full of nauseous students, more of whom had arrived whilst Jennifer was getting the psychologist. Jennifer looked at her watch. Four minutes remained in the lunch period. She and the psychologist pushed their way through the crowd.

“Cool,” Kristen said, when they reached her.

“What is the problem that you had to get me for?” Mrs. Manson asked.

“First of all I was given a strange electric-like shock from Sandi Griffin!” Kristen said.

“What else happened?” Mrs. Manson asked.

Kristen explained further.

“What do you think, Margaret?” the nurse asked when Kristen finished her explanation.

“I am not sure. Has she tried speaking faster?”
“Yes, I have! And don’t talk like I am not here. I hate that!” Kristen said.

“Then it may not be psychosomatic. It could be a problem with the speech center,” the psychologist said.

“Great! We have gone around in circles,” Jennifer said.

“But her voice is improving,” the nurse said.

“Not quickly enough,” Kristen murmured.

“What was that?” the nurse asked.

“Nothing,” Kristen said.

‘Clearly not nothing,’ Jennifer thought. “You want to call your parents?” she asked.

“Yes,” Kristen said. She moved for the phone.

However, the bell began to ring.

Sandi raced after Tania, jumping off the walls and ceiling to gain speed. However, Tania was doing the same and keeping ahead.
‘At least she hasn’t wished herself elsewhere in the school,’ she thought. She didn’t want to use the locate ability again without eating something first.

Tania slowed down as she saw Elias enter the corridor ahead of her. ‘Cool, he can have it. It is too tempting,’ she thought.

Sandi saw Elias in the corridor ahead of Tania. ‘Of course, she and Elias are like, in collusion,’ she thought.

The bell rang and gravity was restored to the interior of the school buildings as the effects of Jennifer’s wish vanished.

Tania landed on her feet and walked up to Elias. “Here’s the emerald. But how did you know that it would end up where it did?”

“I didn’t. It was a lucky guess,” Elias said.

“I guess so, but you better go. Sandi is behind me,” Tania said.

Elias looked and saw Sandi running up. “Yikes!” He wished himself to class.

Sandi came to a stop when she saw Elias disappear. “That, like, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever,” she said.

“Why would you like, give it to Elias because he asked?”

“I would be tempted to use it to cause trouble similar to that which has already been caused. Now I am thankful that I didn’t get the opportunity.”


“Now, if nothing else, I would like to get to class. Assuming that it will still be held of course.”

‘Of course, it is likely that the chaos has caused the classes to be cancelled,’ Sandi thought before heading to the class she was scheduled to go to.

However, after Tania had gone out of sight, Sandi realised that she was still covered in dried mud and pieces of the ‘jello wall’. ‘I have to have a shower before I return to class,’ she thought. She then headed in the direction of a shower instead.

In the Basement Server room, Ms. Li was frantically looking for the files which Cindy had moved.
“Tell me the name of that directory!” Ms. Li said.

“Not if you don’t tell us what you wanted to use the genie for,” Cindy said. ‘Why is she not telling us?’ she asked herself.

The bell rang and the gravity resumed, everyone in the room fell to the floor.

“Yeah, right! You are in no position to make demands, Ms. Brolsma,” Ms. Li said as she stood up again.

“She wouldn’t have been fiddling with the files on that computer if you weren’t so secretive,” Claire said.

“I will tell you, Claire, but not the students!”

Daria nodded and the Fashionable Trio and Joey surrounded Ms. Li and grabbed her. Joey and Quinn were on one side and Tiffany and Stacy on the other.

“Let go of me!” the principal stated. ‘Those ungrateful students, mistreating their principal in this way!’

Reveal your plan,” Quinn said.

“Or we will start stretching,” Joey said.

“You wouldn’t do that! At least Ms. Rowe wouldn’t! She is still in trouble for deceiving me earlier!”

“Oh no!” Stacy said, as she took her hands off Ms. Li and started crying. ‘She’s going to expel me!’
“Just for that, I would do it,” Quinn said.

Ms. Li could see that the younger Morgendorffer meant it.

Jane took Stacy’s place. “Stacy might not do it, but I would.” She glanced at Tiffany, who tightened her grip.

Ms. Li glared at the young artist, but remained silent.

Daria stepped closer. “Tell us, what were you planning to wish for?” ‘Not much chance, is there?’

Ms. Li remained silent.
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