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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

Watched Green Lantern yesterday, and I enjoyed that the opening narration set up the movie with this kind of 80's feel for me. Overall, it was a good movie; but a few things held it back from being great.

The editing hurt things for me. For example, one thing that stood out was the broken nature of Hal's first flight to Oa as we keep going back and forth to Hammond's transformation. Hal's flight to Oa was a spectacular sequence that should have drawn us all in; but we were instead shocked out of the scene every few moments so that we could come back to earth for Hammond. I understand how they were trying to tie things together; but I just don't think it worked.

In regards to story, I was also thrown by the presentation of Sinestro. All the right beats were there; Sinestro was telling us how law enforcement can benefit from using fear (not noting the fine line that exists between police and militia). That's the problem I had, though; Sinestro was just telling us. Where was the passion? When Hal stormed into the Guardian council meeting, where was the part where Hal and Sinestro are in each others faces over this? Sinestro instead seemed to back off and politely wait for his turn to continue the civilized debate. Sinestro didn't even storm away in disgust from Hal's victory of convincing the Guardians; Sinestro just kind of nodded approvingly? What?

I liked the movie, but it fell short. B
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