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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I love those little moments...when Clark has fun and is playing around with Lois who just rejects the notion out of sheer implausibility in her eyes.

Speaking of Lois and Clark...while we're on the topic. I remember the hype and build up to Clark telling Lois his secret. That show handled it brilliantly I thought. It was an event. I remember my parents throwing a party at the time and all the guests joined me as I was watching the episode and clapped when it happened. That's how much of an impact that series had at the time. "Smallville" on the other hand had nothing but tease moments it seemed.

Really? I remember it being, while cute, somewhat anti-climatic with no buildup. Clark asks her to marry him (with seemingly no intention to tell the secret yet). Season break. Lois response with an upset "Who's asking. Clark or Superman?" Opening credits.
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