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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

My review on Facebook:

While I'm not an avid Green Lantern reader, I'm familiar enough with the mythos based on the DC titles I've read and the animated shows and films I've seen.

When I first heard Ryan Reynolds was picked for the role of Hal Jordan, I immediately thought, "Oh, please. Why him?" To me, Reynolds seemed to have been typecast as the goofy handsome guy in comedies and romantic films. He didn't seem to possess that "mature" persona; I thought he'd be more suited to play someone younger, say, Kyle Rayner. Even when I was watching the movie, I got that vibe about Reynolds. His character was cocky, reckless, and irresponsible, which is the way he was written, but that's not the Green Lantern I've read about. In fairness, this was an origin movie, and there might have been a time when Hal Jordan was so much like Ryan Reynolds. Or maybe not. Still, it wasn't a terrible origin movie.

The plot was simplistic and straightforward in a good-versus-evil way. A vicious galactic entity (Parallax) is bound for Earth, and an unlikely and reluctant person (Hal Jordan) has been appointed to be its new protector by an intergalactic peacekeeping force (The Green Lantern Corps). The story was a bit uneven in some parts. For example, Hal Jordan is overwhelmed with awe and amazement when he meets a dying purple alien, Abin Sur, gets his power ring and lantern, and goes to the planet Oa, meets hundreds of alien beings, before being trained as a Green Lantern. Soon afterwards, he's back on Earth, feeling happy-go-lucky, partying with Carol Ferris, as if nothing significant has ever happened. Only when trouble arises in the form of a crashing helicopter does Hal spring into action as a costumed superpowered being. Really? How does the public react to the arrival of this new hero? Is there a press conference? How do the authorities and the government react to the appearance of Green Lantern? None of these issues are really explored. How does Hal Jordan deal with being a Green Lantern? Does he get angsty, like Peter Parker, thinking, with great power comes great responsibilitiy? Does he dig into his soul, like Tony Stark, and realize what good he can accomplish with this newfound gift? He doesn't.

The other cast members, especially Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, were fine although their characters could've been fleshed out more. The overall cinematography (in terms of sound, visual effects, CGI rendering) was pretty good. The costumes were done right, though I didn't care for them months ago when I saw the "flayed" look.

The movie wasn't as bad as the critics made it out to be. It's one of those films that could've been so much better in a lot of ways but I enjoyed nonetheless.
Overall Rating: B-
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