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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

IIRC, Bard is a warrior.

You know--I don't think I've ever actually read The Hobbit. But my Dad read it to me as a bedtime story, when I was five, and I listened to the audio version of the animated movie repeatedly as a kid.

In the movie, at least Bard introduces himself as Bard the Guardsman.

And I still remember...

I should really sit down and read this book before the movie comes out.

If anyone's interested--one of my colleagues, Dr. Janice Liedl, is currently editing a collection of essays on The Hobbit and History, which is scheduled to come out around the same time as the movie. I was talking to her in her office the other day about historical parallels between the Elves and the Byzantines.

(Apparently, a volume on The Hobbit and Philosophy has already been finished--they're just waiting to release it to tie in with the movie.)

Dr. Liedl really seems to have found her niche with this Pop Culture and History series. She has also contributed an essay to Twilight and History and two essays to the volume on Harry Potter and History.

She's also co-editing an upcoming volume on Star Wars and History. She's invited me to submit proposals to these volumes, and to the volume on Star Trek, but I couldn't think of anything interesting or significant to say.
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