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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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If there's one thing I hate in a sci fi movie, it's campy humor. (Humor that is part of the in-universe setting, not commenting from the outside, is another thing - I like to see that.)
I was just thinking that Firefly mocks all sorts of clichés and people love it.

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I know I mught get killed for saying this but the studios are starting to move into the B list of comic book heroes. GL might be well known in the States, but aside from regonising the name and it's a ring that gives him power I know next to nothing about this particular character. Oh sure I could name plenty of other comic book heroes but outside of the big names

The X-Men
Fantastic Four

GL is relatively unkown, it hasn't quite entered the public consious as much as some. I think Captain America: The First Avenger might suffer the same when it hits the foreign markets.

But then again perhaps being unkown can help as much as hinder.
The news clip in Kegg's post also made fun of the fact that they're making a movie about a relatively unknown character. I don't know why though, since it's nice to see something other than another Batman/Superman remake.
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