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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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'That Old Black Magic'. yeah, the Maldis episodes are more or less universally reviled. As weird as Farscape gets at times, the Maldis stuff is, to quote Crichton: '[M]agical mystery crap'. Not that there isn't pseudo magical weirdness that happens all throughout the Uncharted Territories, but Maldis took it a step too far by not even having a Science Fictional pretense for his powers, it was just phantasmagoria, which was just one liberty too many for this setting. Fortunately, there are only two of these episodes, and they're never heard from again.
I did like Crichton's summation of Maldis when he returns, though:

D'Argo: He sucks the life force out of living beings...
Crichton: He just plain sucks.
"Quite possibly, the five Jem'Hadar could turn Data into a collection of four spasming limbs, one helpless torso, and one head that shouts insults at them like the Black Knight from the Monty Python sketch." -Timo Saloniemi
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