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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

Distorted Humor wrote: View Post
"Back and Back and Back to the Future" - the guest stars where...horrifically bad actors under makeup. Not sure if it was the actors or the direction, but it was almost silly bad. Also ranks high in the cheep kink thrills. The actual plot line is not bad, and there is a little mistory thrown in as D'argo<sp> crime to him is much more serious then he lets on. Also its fun to see the crew die a couple of times. the plot saved this from being a total stinker.

"Thank God It's Friday, Again" - this is what I would call "A standard farscape episode" after all, the issue at the end is solved by explosive piss. I enjoyed the weirdness/wonky-ness of it. Also the worm bits where giving it a appoperate horror aspect of it. Guess we will learn later why the peacekeepers look human? (taken from the earth and bred to be super-worriers? )

"PK Tech Girl" - The guest star is cute, and the aliens are men in rubber suits that spew fire. I liked the development of Aeryn and Rygel.

"That Old Black Magic" -ok, I thought this epsiode was utter and total waste. when your doing weird, sometimes your going to miss, badly. this one misses so badly It is almost decent. It does however have kinda of a buck rogers or insert campy show feel to it.

Now I am going off to play some Mass effect for the first time.
Yeah... 'Back and Back...' I have similar feelings about. The acting in that by the guest actress was simply horrible, and the gesticulating, horribly telegraphed 'special move' was just... laughable. Which is too bad, because the plot and main character acting really isn't bad, in fact, it's pretty good for Season 1, but that actress....

'Thank God it's Friday...' is pretty standard. One or more characters get brainwashed, everyone else's gotta sort it out. It's probably the most overused plot in the series, honestly, but typically, they manage to find some kind of spin on it that keeps it from getting boring (like exploding urine, Zhann playing grabass with Crichton at night, etc.), lol.

'PK Tech Girl' is great in that it's one of the first episodes where you really get to see the Crichton/Aeryn dynamic up close since the premier, and you get to see that the writers are not going to make this road easy for either of them... It's also one of the first episodes with some continuity carryover, with elements that appear in later episodes:

'That Old Black Magic'. yeah, the Maldis episodes are more or less universally reviled. As weird as Farscape gets at times, the Maldis stuff is, to quote Crichton: '[M]agical mystery crap'. Not that there isn't pseudo magical weirdness that happens all throughout the Uncharted Territories, but Maldis took it a step too far by not even having a Science Fictional pretense for his powers, it was just phantasmagoria, which was just one liberty too many for this setting. Fortunately, there are only two of these episodes, and they're never heard from again.
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