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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

Haven't paid much attention to this movie till now but from what I've seen, the eye candy just ain't up to snuff. Other than Ryan Reynolds of course. Sounds like a misfire. Too bad, this had the potential to be a good franchise. (And I wouldn't bet against financial success and sequels, either. The international box office doesn't care how good or bad these kinds of movies are, which is why we're getting another Tron sequel. )

...the filmmakers mock their own bid for seriousness with a jokey, self-conscious attitude elsewhere that, far from providing knowing comic relief, merely saps the picture of gravitas.
Ugh. If there's one thing I hate in a sci fi movie, it's campy humor. (Humor that is part of the in-universe setting, not commenting from the outside, is another thing - I like to see that.)

All comic book characters are inherently silly. A guy shooting spiderwebs from his wrist is no less silly than some guy getting a green ring that powers a lantern that lets him have whatever he wants. Magic rings and magic lanterns have been staples of fantasy fiction for longer than I care to contemplate.

But if you're doing a "silly" story, you need to have the courage of your convictions. Take the damn ring and lantern and believe in it, and make the audience believe in it. If you have such contempt for the material that you need to make fun of it, make a different movie instead.

Sounds like Reynold's performance ain't all that either (but the problem might be how the character was written and how he was directed - he certainly could play the Luke Skywalker type character if called upon to.)

Reynolds looks alternately flabbergasted and self-satisfied, providing little emotional bandwidth for a hero whose sense of wonder the viewer is never allowed to access.
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