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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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Oh, man! If you're liking Farscape now, you're going to LOVE it by the time you finish it. And yeah, Claudia Black is sex on legs ...
Indeed, I have a tendicy to like or really dislike SF shows. For example, I lasted all of 15 mins on Lexx before saying "I am not going to waste my time on this" while Farscape had me hooked on in the first 15, kinda like DS9 or b5 did.

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Also, this may sound odd, but with all the leather and TV safe nudity and Aeryn beating the crap of out D'argo with him asking for it harder....That there is a kinky S&M feel at times.
Oh god no this is a clean, purehearted family friendly show... uh....
Yeah, Warren Ellis apparently commented at some point that Farscape was "...One American's descent into Australia's S&M scene".

Which I can't really argue with. There's a definite undercurrent of kink in this series, and it only gets worse/better from here.
Ok good, Its not me being dirty minded, and others have seen it. I might be Mormon, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little kink in life
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