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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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FRIDAY 5PM UPDATE: Both Green Lantern ($24M Friday, $60+M weekend) and Mr. Popper's Penguins ($6M Friday, $18M weekend) look on target right now. Refined numbers later.

Looks like GL is going to make about the same as Thor for its first weekend, around 60-65 million. Very good numbers.
Are they? That article you quote doesn't seem to suggest that:
That's the writer's opinion, and can be read as a commentary on Reynolds' appeal as the movie itself - the article goes on to also discuss Jim Carrey's waning box office apeal (hence, "falling stars") .

The numbers are facts.

And yes, Warners is very happy with this. The studio was worried enough that they didn't even float an expectation - which they would have lowballed - and the business professionals (as opposed to, say, writers for comic book sites) - were projecting more like 50 million dollars. At no point did anyone in the know expect an opening better than this one.

Bandying putative budgets versus costs versus box office is fun but it's armchair quarterbacking. The budget was 150 million, with additional work negative costs hit around 160 million, they may have spent 100 million to promote this. They're fine. I know people were rooting for this to flop, but...better luck next time.

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^^ Yes he did...but Dennis point is that Vaughn, Goodman, and the actors were more responsible for the film part than Millar was. He was a consultant I believe.
Yes, the fact that the movie was made by the director, writers, actors and crew is not open for debate or parsing.

The business is full of "consultants;" Gene Roddenberry was a consultant on films where the only interest the filmmakers had in him was the use of his name. "Consultant" = sinecure most of the time.

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