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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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"Premiere" - Very good start for the series. Keeps you moving along, you meet the cast, and you have a decent plot. its odd, kinda wonky, but well made. and Crichton is the oddest hero of a SF series I have seen in a long time. Riegal is awesome puppet (you almost forget he a puppet/muppet. ) Aeryn is just plain hot. and D'Argo is a nice riff of the Space Worrior. O yea, pilot and living ship.

"I, E.T." - Better then it should be, and they do love to put Aeryn and Crichton holding on to each other whenever the ship has a issue. Now I do not like cute kid stories, but this is better then I expected. The Riegal (am I spelling his name correctly?) puppet is a well made puppet with a lot of functionality.

"Exodus from Genesis" - this was a surpisingly well written episode, and we learn a lot. Peacekeepers are very heat sensitive, and the plot was while at the same time a trope (The bug eyed aliens are actually not the bad guys) the ending made it worthwhile as I can just see the reaction at the peacekeepers when they hear that Crichton can copy himself over and over again.

"Throne for a Loss" - ok, SF has a hard time being just funny. This episode was HILARIOUS. I also liked the blue leaves in the background on planet side as a aside. I also really like it that its puppets for the most part, gives it a charm. Also, this may sound odd, but with all the leather and TV safe nudity and Aeryn beating the crap of out D'argo with him asking for it harder....That there is a kinky S&M feel at times. Or it could just be my imagination

Also, how did they keep Claudia Black's pupils so dilated all the time?
If you like season 1 this much already then you will be amazed at seasons 2 and 3.
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