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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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The Riegal (am I spelling his name correctly?)
It's Rygel.

The rest of your spelling (Aeryn, Cricthon, D'Argo) is dead on, though.

But yes, the Rygel puppet - and character - are great. It's really a top notch job from the Henson company. I'm always impressed when I rewatch the series with the sheer range of performance they get from Rygel and Pilot - one simply accepts them as characters like everyone else and leaves it at that.

Also, this may sound odd, but with all the leather and TV safe nudity and Aeryn beating the crap of out D'argo with him asking for it harder....That there is a kinky S&M feel at times.
Oh god no this is a clean, purehearted family friendly show... uh....
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