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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

Whatever good work Millar did is increasingly diminished by his peculiar grandiosity and public fantasizing about the big things he's always on the verge of doing. I've no doubt that he thinks he could create a fantastic superhero movie, but despite his almost-announcements and frequent intimations Hollywood seems determined to struggle along without him.

The one thing that stood out as a mistaken beat in the [i]Green Lantern[/q] story was that side trip back to Oa just before the throwdown with Parallax. It gave Hal an opportunity to make an obligatory speech about human virtues (the whole script is sprinkled with some awfully Trekkie dialogue and sentiments), but it was flat and mistimed. "Sorry, we're all bent out of shape about this Parallax but we're not going to help you with him because we forgot to mention that as intergalactic soldiers go we're actually gigantic pussies. We will pop in for a Kodak moment and group hug after you defeat it, though."
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