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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I honestly think she misses the mark on THOR "didn't make a thunderous boom", I doubt even the studio was expecting another $300m Iron Man. They knew the property was a tougher sell.
In other words... it didn't make a thunderous boom?

Green Lantern is not perfect but Airport '79? As a comparison I find that a bit full of hyperbole.
Perhaps. Though it's an interesting thought that hadn't occurred to me - that the current glut of superhero films may not be a constant for the forseeable future. Obviously, even if true that wouldn't mean an end to superhero films, just as we still get disaster movies (2012, everyone), and there was a superhero film contemporaneous with the age of the disaster film I'm sure many here are familiar with.

Food for thought, anyhow.
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