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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

Just got back from seeing the film, and.... it more or less met my expectations. Which weren't that high in the first place. Mind you, I'm coming from a lack of familiarity with the GL universe. At any rate, I'm not entirely certain what it was that disappointed me. I had been concerned the special effects would overwhelm things, but honestly.... they didn't do that at all. I think what I didn't care for was the characters themselves. I cared not at all about them, seeing a lack of dimension in about everyone except Hector. He was at least pitiable for the most part. But the rest.... meh. Ryan Reynolds seemed to snark his way through it though I did find a few of his lines funny enough. Carol..... well, I'm with Admiral2 on her character as well as Blake Lively's performance.

I won't be TOO surprised if there's a sequel... but it won't shock me if there isn't one either. I think the film tried to wow folks with the effects and all... but we've seen so much of that already. Sure it was pretty... but that's about it. There are plenty of worse films out there, even in the superhero genre... but in the end I guess I was bored with it. Which is saying something with Lively on screen.
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