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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

Just saw it. Givin' it a B. Gut reactions:

-The main reason for me to see any superhero movie is to see the superhero stuff. The creators did pretty good with the ring stuff. (I thought it was cute the way Sinestro conjured Cap's shield to deflect Hal's "Painless" vulcan cannon rounds.)

-I had reservations about Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan. Now that I've seen him in the part...I still have them. Sorry, but I remember this guy from "2 guys, A girl and a Pizza Place" and Michael Bergin's about the extent of his range as an actor. He had no business playing Hal Jordan.

-Blake Lively was dull. Milquetoast dull. Not quite January Jones dull, but as if she's just started taking the same acting class Jones graduated from. She might have been able to pass herself off as Carol Ferris it were just Businesswoman Carol. Trying to turn her into a tough-as-nails test pilot just made her look ridiculous. (and before the feminists pile on, I have no trouble believing in a female tough as nails test pilot...just not played Blake Lively.)

-Thank God for actors Like Peter Saarsgard who will put their all into the silliest of roles. (F'rinstance, I couldn't have sat all the way through the first Hulk movie if Sam Elliot hadn't been playing "Thunderbolt" Ross...)

-Okay, so the casting people couldn't find a single fat Black woman capable of playing Amanda Waller? Really? Did they look, or just hope purists wouldn't notice the weight loss?

-I am sick and tired of the "Giant Alien Space Cloud" bullshit. Yes, Hollywood, I get that you all think giant aliens are silly, but howzabout youse let the audience decide, huh?! "Galactus can't be a giant! Oh! We'll make him a space cloud!" "Parallax is a giant? That's silly! I know! We'll make him a space cloud! We're so clever!"

And yet, I award a "B" because catching a helicopter with a dragster on a toy car racetrack is Green Lantern coolness...and Kilowog rules!
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