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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well it is and it isn't. He is a good manager, and frankly I think the Villa fans are partly to blame. They kicked up such a stink when Lerner even thought of interviewing McClaren that he decided against it. This didn't leave many other options given that Martinez turned them down, aside from Hughes who Lerner seems to have already discounted. Fan power was never going to work more than once, and the Villa fans shot their wad at the wrong time. Reminds me of the time Sunderland fans treated PEter Reid abomninably and then cheered when they got him out...and then a well past his sell by date Howard Wilkinson turned up...

I think both Lerner and O'Neill need to look at themselves and ask why they didn't make it work, because the debacle of last summer did neither Lerner, MON or Villa any favours.

I hate to say it but Forest's gain is Villa's loss...
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