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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

I enjoyed it as your typical special effects-laden summer superhero movie. I'll give it a B.

Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds was entertaining in the part, but he wasn't Hal Jordan, he was Ryan Reynolds, complete with his mannerisms and sense of humor.

Blake Lively
I don't know a lot about Carol Ferris, but I knew that Blake Lively didn't embody the character. It wasn't quite Jessica Alba all over again, but that's what I'm reminded of. Not a complaint really, just an observation. Blake was still easy on the eyes and put some sophistication into her character.

Mark Strong was serviceable as Sinestro. He seemed to play the part quite well, but for some reason I felt that he lacked presence or charisma.

The Story
I liked the setup and introduction to the characters as well as the origin story and Ryan's training. Yeah, they did manage to get a lot in there without too much trouble, I thought. The training was especially good with its mix of action, fx use, and dialog. And as for Ryan and Blake working well toghether, I agree. They had chemistry. What didn't impress me in the movie were the handling of Hector Hammond and Parallax, the two villains. Both seemed to have potential, but that was never realized and they fizzled out. Also, a lot of superhero movies tend to have uninspired showdowns and this movie was no different.

The Costume
I absolutely loved the CGI costume. I thought it was a good idea when I first heard about it and the end result really worked. I don't think I've seen a "living" fluid-like costume like this before, so the novelty was also a part of my liking it. I wasn't distracted by the energy filaments either. And it did look like latex in a number of shots. They've come a long way since Automan.

The FX
Loved the special effects. Kilowog looked a bit fake, but the other characters and the environment of Oa looked good. None of it, or at least very little of it came off as in-your-face CGI to the point of distraction. They avoided sweeping camera shots you usually get with CGI cityscapes and that helped. The ring constructs looked great too. Loved seeing all the stuff that was created with the rings, especially the life-sized hotwheels racetrack and the water. The only things that were really distracting were Sinestro's ears. You could tell they were rubber.

Other Stuff

- Saw it in 2D.

- The woman in Ryan's bed looked like Scarlett Johansson.

- I thought it was a nice touch to have "Sapphire" as Carol's call sign. They even had the Violet Lantern symbol on her helmet.

- People in the theatre were laughing every time the disfigured Hammond showed up on screen and I don't think he was meant to be funny like that.

- I'm looking at the IMDb and it shows Nick Jones as John Stewart. Didn't notice him in the film. Were his scenes cut or was he just a blip?

- I was waiting to see Sinestro put on the yellow ring, and disappointment started to set in when the movie was coming to an end and it looked like he wasn't going to. Still, I figured that a post-credits scene would show him do this, and sure enough, they came through, mid-credits though. Guess this is where they'll go if a sequel is made. And that's a big "if" it seems. Looks like he'll be corrupted by the ring as opposed to wielding it because he was corrupt. Don't know if I like that angle since it would look like he wouldn't be responsible for his actions, but it could be interesting to see play out.
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