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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Ha, these comics are just so ridiculous now.

First off, I just wanna clarify that the "everyone remembering Hell-A" thing wasn't from Aftermath, it was in After The Fall, in the last two issues.
So now even things are plotted by Joss aren't canon.
(Also just wanna geekily point out that Aftermath was only the name of the 5 issue story after ATF, there were still 20+ issues after that.)

Again, the whole plots of both these comics, Dark Horse's Buffy and IDW's Angel, and now even the combined ones, are so convoluted as to be unreadable. I guess I may as well still pick them up, but I think in my head now I'm going back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer ending with "Chosen" and Angel ending with "Not Fade Away" and that's it. Its much easier
You only now think the plots of the comics are convoluted? What's convoluted about Buffy season 9, or Angel & Faith, as much as we know about their plots?

I can see why you'd say that about season 8 with all the OTT weirdness, or AtF, but season 8 is about 'going back to basics' in a magicless world, with Buffy going back to slaying vampires in alleys on her own while waitressing, trying to sort out her life (and we'll already been told it will focus more on the personal) and while having to deal with the animosity of other Slayers, instead of being an army general and celebrity; Willow is dealing with the loss of magic, after several seasons of having crazy powers; and Xander and Dawn are just a normal couple living together. We even now that Spike's ship is not going to last long.

Meanwhile Angel & Faith is about the two of them solving Giles's old cases.

And this is where you decide you've had too much of convoluted plots, not when Dawn was a giant or a centaur or when Willow was flying around doing all kinds of magicks or when Buffy and Angel were having space sex and giving birth to an evil new universe, or when Warren was brought back as Amy's skinless boyfriend, etc...?

As for people not remembering anything, that makes a lot more sense than 10,000,000 in L.A. remembering it but somehow the rest of the world not knowing about it?! If people in L.A. remembered it, Angel would definitely be a worldwide celebrity.
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