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I kid you not.

According to the IDW forums, it's set in the 2009 movie universe:


Mike Johnson (w) Stephen Molnar (a) Tim Bradstreet, David Messina (c)

The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new ongoing series that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off! Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before! With creative
collaboration from STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel premiering in 2012. Join Kirk, Spock and the crew as they boldly go into a new future! Up first, a drastic new envisioning of "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

In Shops: 9/28/2011 Item Code: JUL110308 SRP: $3.99


The last parts a bit interesting - a 2009 movie retelling of the events of WNMHGB?? Aren't we daring to go with all original stories yet?

Whatever the case, this is good news for a comics fan like me, so roll on September!
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