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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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It's just a straight crop. Doesn't look like there was any creativity involved.
So that's what's required for a stretch 'n crop violation of the image to look good! Creativity! Why, thank you, I was beginning to wonder. I guess Ted Turner was also being "creative" when he colorized Casablanca back in the 80s.

Let's consider an analogy. I like strawberries. Some people may like strawberries with mustard. I don't like that, but more power to them. My problem starts at the point when these people clamor for strawberries to be made available only pre-drowned in mustard. Why don't these people decide to simply get a side order of mustard (i.e. hit the stretch button on the remote control)? Please don't spoil the strawberry experience for all the mustard haters.

And to be honest, I strongly believe that CBS is going to go the OAR route.
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