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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

I have so many reasons why I love Farscape. If I was going to try and summarize it (and do so badly), I'd say just a completely unapologetic space opera, but one that invetively and quirkily indulges in all manner of space opera cliches and then cranks up the weirdness.

I can probably count on both hands the amount of series I've made a point to watch cover to cover, from the first episode to the last, sequentially.

Farscape belongs on the much smaller list of shows I've done it more than once with. And I wouldn't rule out a third run in a few years, at that...
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That said, if it did come true, I'd be fighting RoJoHen to be the first to get it -- easily my favorite series of all time.
You'd be fighting RoJoHen, to be second, actually
I call first for Region 2!
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