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Re: Federation Civil War

jerriecan wrote: View Post
Chunky and badass-looking. I always did like the design, and you've done a great job bringing it to 3D. Great work!

KNH wrote: View Post
Satisfy my curiosity for this gorgeous design here... have you by chance laid out a cross-section? What do you reckon she needs in terms of crew? How many decks (I count 7, possibly 8)? And while I'm at it, speed/armements?

You can tell I dig this design because I want to know mooooore.
I honestly don't give it that much thought. Never did a cross section and don't have a clue about crew size at this time. No idea about decks either. I figure it can atleast go warp nine and for weapons it carries 1 forward torpedoe/probe launcher and two in back. And eight phaser emmiters. Four forward and four aft.
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