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Oh, that mention of John Stewart brings up something I else I wanted to ask. If there is one Green Lantern for every Sector why does Sector 2814 have 4 from the same planet (Earth)?
There are currently two GLs in each sector: that's Hal and John. Kyle and Guy are part of the "Honor Guard" which are senior Lanterns that assist wherever needed, regardless of sector.
Although the backstory is a bit more convoluted than that. When Abin Sur's ring selected Hal Jordan, it also selected Guy Gardner as equally worthy, but Gardner was further away from Abin Sur geographically. Gardner was Jordan's backup for a few years, until he was injured and unable to do the job. So the Guardians selected John Stewart as Hal's new backup. John Stewart then took over full time when Hal Jordan quit.

Years later, Jordan went nuts after the destruction of Coast City and attacked the GL Corps, so a Guardian picked Kyle Rayner, more or less at random. Kyle carried the torch until Hal came back from the dead and the new rules of 7600 Lanterns, 2 to a sector, were instated.
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