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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I'd hope that once stations saw the result of presenting the series in widescreen, they'd pass. Is there much of a precedent for releasing 1.33:1 television programs cropped to widescreen on home video, anyway? I can't say I'm totally concerned about how the show is broadcast on TV -- I'll be watching it on Blu-Ray if it's released.
HDNet has shown shows such as Cheers and Hogan's Hero's cropped.

I'm sure that CBS would present cropped scenes that look crisp. Potential broadcast partners will see the 'best of the best'.

Like the effects on Star Trek Remastered, I would like to have the choice between full and widescreen presentation. Just like the effects on TOS-R, I'd probably watch it thru one time with the new presentation then revert to watching full screen.
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