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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

Bringing KJ back would NOT cheapen the stories, in fact it would uplift them, since killing her was a low blow that turned a lot of Voyager fans off. And why should we spend our $ supporting those who so diffidently got rid of someone we admired and want to read about? This is science fiction, and all kinds of things can happen. Sisko was brought back and he was physically dead, did that cheapen the DS9 stories/Trek fiction???? Did those who are against KJ coming back protest that, probably very little. I read most of Unworthy and it was rather uninteresting without Janeway; it also frustrated and saddened me. Should I really buy another book that would probably do the same? That would be pretty silly, me thinks. No, I will not just "get over it," and I will not read another "Voy" book until Janeway, who IS Voyager, is brought back. It's too bad, since I do like the other (original) characters, but that's the way it is. And since I've found there are many, many people who agree with me, I can confidently say that those who are blithely telling me what I should like to read are just spouting the Pocket Book party line. Well, as a LONG time Trek fan, I can think for my self, thank you. And Trek lit now is in a sad state, and the death of KJ is a good example of what's wrong with it. Bring back Kathryn Janeway and also bring back the real Star Trek fiction, full of adventure and hope, not war and destruction, ugh.

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