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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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There must be other ways to accomplish that. Messing up TNG like they did TOS is neither acceptable nor necessary.
Just curious... exactly how was TOS messed up? HD is much closer to what the film actually looks like. The new FX have nothing to do with the remaster. Not only that, but you can watch the original episodes in HD with the original FX on the blu-rays. So I'm not really sure what the problem is as you se it.

And even they are not HD, then they are not ... where is the problem? People are still watching old black and white movies, so why shouldn't they watch Trek in SD?
Um... you do know that old black and white movies were never shown in TV "standard definition." They couldn't be. The quality on the big screen would be so horrible that you wouldn't even know what you were looking at.

I don't think you get what HD actually is. HD isn't a quality of an old film that is added to satisfy modern audiences; it's a quality that is already there on the film, whether it was made yesterday or 60 years ago.

A film, even an old B&W film from the 30s, 40s, or 50s, was shown in theaters with much better resolution than modern HD TV. The HD remaster of Casablanca on blu-ray is much closer to the way it was shown in the theater. Any standard definition TV version you saw of Casablanca was a much degraded version.

HD is, by and large, about preserving the original, not changing anything.

In TNGs case, strictly speaking, it isn't possible to remaster it in HD. It's unfortunate that, basically, a new version with new FX has to be made with the original raw film footage. I can get the purist argument against this. Hell, I'm a purist. What I can't get is how any purist could be against TOS's remaster. Unlike what an HD TNG would have to be, TOS episodes were simply transferred in HD. I watch the blu-ray episodes in HD with the original FX. That's what the remaster is. Has nothing to do with new FX whatsoever. So what's the issue?

Personally I'd rather watch it super low resolution than ruined with new fx.

Sacrificing the original TNG (or TOS or whatever) for HD is like trading pest for cholera, so they might as well stay with the original.
In what way was TOS sacrificed? A less-detailed transfer is better? Please explain. It's like someone who gets the actual original Mona Lisa complaining, "This is terrible! My postcard with a bad copy of the Mona Lisa on it was just fine! Why did they have to ruin it for me by sending me the real thing?" Again, pelase explain this position. I'm at a complete loss to understand it.
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