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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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So you'd rather it fulfill a technicality of "full HD" than actually look good?
Those bars on either side? They say the program is old. And there are people out there that do care about OAR, I doubt the vast majority of viewers and more importantly the broadcasters want something that says it's old.
You know what else says it's old? The fact it's an 80s TV show, with 80s costumes, and 80s sets. What about TOS? That looks very 60s. Removing the black bars from the side of the screen is not going to change that. It sickens me to think that they would compromise a show because some people can't watch a TV show more than 10 years old. These are not the types of people who are watching an old scifi show about space politics and humanitarian efforts, and not going to be the people forking over money for the Bluray boxsets.

If people are that fickle and narrow minded that they wouldn't watch a show with black bars on the side, I think there's much more about TNG stopping them from watching it than aspect ratio. Why should they satisfy people who clearly don't care about artistic integrity anyway by compromising the artistic integrity?
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