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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Hey, those results are by no means definitive. They are the product of all but 5 minutes work. Yes, the framing is off but some more intensive work could probably correct this. All I know is that if its possible to create a 16:9 HD TNG I would like a 16:9 HD TNG. Otherwise it would not be full HD.
So you'd rather it fulfill a technicality of "full HD" than actually look good?
Because I don't know what more intensive work you think can correct losing picture, but there's only so much they can gain from the extra film width, and I do not want my videos stretched, even if only slightly. It's a series of fudges to make something fit what it was not intended for. I am still seeing nothing to gain artistically from it, and I'm not convinced it would gain anything from a business standpoint.

I don't want to see Citizen Kane coloured just because today's kids don't like watching black and white. I don't want to watch Metropolis with recorded voices just because silent films aren't marketable anymore. And I don't want them stretching and cropping TNG just because some people don't like seeing black bars on their TVs. Let's see how many people can't handle a black bar vs those who can't handle having shots look worse. These were all shot a certain way, and artistically composed to fit that particular medium.

Full HD is usually defined as 1080p as far as I'm concerned, only the vertical height. While 16:9 is typically assumed, it is not the only option. TNG is still very popular even from crummy old tape episodes with 80s effects and 4:3 aspect ratio. Rescanning it at high def and adding new effects will add plenty of resale value, future-proof them, and satisfy the next generation of viewers. Satisfying the perceived idea among some people that widescreen instantly makes everything better and cinematic, at the expense of quality, is not a compromise that will pay off in the long run, as people realize that the old DVDs give them a more watchable experience. I'm guessing the response from TOS-R has shown that aspect ratio isn't a major selling point (especially if you've seen the 16:9 versions shown in some places).
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