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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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[...] Artistically, this is now terrible. And this is one random shot. Imagine them doing this for hundreds of shots per episode for 180 episodes.

If ruining shots is the price to pay for "widescreen", then it's pointless. Widescreen does not instantly make things look good, especially when you've had to ruin a shot to do so.
What he said.

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If the idea is to make TNG presentable on HDTV, then they should at least explore expanding the aspect ratio. I imagine most people hate the black bars on the left and right of their 16:9 screens as much as people hated the black bars on the top and bottom of their 4:3 screens.

If this is about mass consumption, then they'd be short-sighted not to explore changing the ratio.
We regularly watch 4:3 presentations on our big 16:9 screen, there are black bars left and right, we neither mind nor take notice.

People clamoring that they paid so much for their widescreen TVs, and think they purchased the right for any feature to cover every last square inch, they have the option to fiddle around with their remote controls. They generally have little to no knowledge of the art of film.

Let's not have their preference dictate what the rest of us has to consume. Marketability is necessary, but must never take precedence over what film is about.

And lets not have your preference dictate what the rest of us want to consume. I strongly believe a 16:9 TNG would be part of the selling point for it feeling like a whole new show.
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