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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Dac, while I appreciate what you did: No, just no.
These shots are cramped, very noticeably squashed, and just - off.

If someone feels the curious need for a fullscreen feature to fill an entire 16:9 screen, let them stretch, zoom, whatever - in their private homes.

Let's not ask CBS to abandon the OAR and rape the image on upcoming high-def releases, forcing all customers to go along with said curious need. Please.
If the idea is to make TNG presentable on HDTV, then they should at least explore expanding the aspect ratio. I imagine most people hate the black bars on the left and right of their 16:9 screens as much as people hated the black bars on the top and bottom of their 4:3 screens.

If this is about mass consumption, then they'd be short-sighted not to explore changing the ratio.
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