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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Yes, they are tricky shots. Yes, I did squash/stretch them and Yes, I did resort to using content aware fill to "widen" the image...but I'd say none of the critical information has been lost in the transformation. Everyone's face is still in shot, everyone's uniform is visible to some degree and, most importantly, Troi's cleavage is left unharmed.

So while my techniques may have been clumsy and haphazard, if this schmuck can do it, I dare say the folks over at CBS digital could as well.

EDIT: And Yes, these have been blown up to 720p. I did my best with some digital noise reduction, but as you can clearly see its nowhere near enough HD quality.
You've already went down the road I was exploring.

These don't look bad. The trick is what they'll look like in motion.
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