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Re: The Federation at war with the Borg?

Robert DeSoto wrote: View Post
so it seems nearly every agrees that a war exists at least on some level.

The reason I brought it up was because I had the same debate with one of the admins over at memory alpha. He raised some valid points at first (same as Dr. Crusher's arguments), but just like in I Borg, I shot down those points. Unlike Crusher, who eventually conceded that they were in fact at war, the admin just kinda went off the deep end, rambling on something about a Janeway-Chakotay war. Anyway he also said a state of war and a war is not the same thing. Then he posted a wiki definition for "state of war" which totally did not help his argument at all. Quite the opposite. Then he said that no war can exist without a declaration of war. (The reason why I brought up the war on terror was the admin said that no US citizen can consider themselves at war without Congress declaring war.) So ya I told him to try telling that to some Iraq/Korean/Vietnam war vets lol.

Anyway, I pointed out to him, that a bunch of random fans here seem to agree with me, but ya, he was not coming back from the deep end. Him being an admin of course, he can write whatever he wants on memory alpha and lock it.

After checking his profile tho, I can understand. He has edits and posts, every 90 seconds. I don't think this guy has a life. or a job. I dont even kno if he sleeps. Maybe hes an andriod or something lol. I mean we have some pretty crazy fans here too, but 90 secs? like his edits would be literally 1 min and a half after I post something. No matter what article I write in or what day or time.

I dont really care what article says. Or if I win or lose. I just like to debate shit. But I can picture some crazy guy with a long beard sitting in a basement editing memory alpha all day lol. Probably a loner with some serious OCD issues. The kind of guy that would snap and go on shooting spree. So if editing memory alpha will prevent this loner from going crazy, by all means, edit the shit out of my article lol

I'll just continue my debates here. (Although I know we have some crazies up in here too lol).
The ranting about the off-board issues is completely off-topic.

If the person in question wasn't a member here (or had only reg'ed here to carry on the conflict), I'd probably leave things with a stern instruction not to drag off-board vendettas onto TBBS as it's basically empty spam with no relevance here.

But since the other party is a member here (with membership pre-dating your post above although he hasn't posted before), I'm going to count this as trolling rather than spamming, and warn for such.

Archduk3 wrote: View Post
Hey, DeSoto, I'm fraking here too. Try not to let the walls of your little internet world hit you as they come crashing down. Also, learn to read, and take a few debate classes at your local high school, since it seems you never finished with it.

I strongly suggest not rising to the bait in future, and letting the mod notification system deal with this sort of issue. Warning for trolling him back.

Everyone: knock the personal crap off, and keep things on-topic.
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