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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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If they screw this up with widescreen, my enthusiasm for this project goes from 110% to 0%.
My enthusiasm would go from 20% to 80% if it is a well done widescreen conversion.

If people want to watch it in "widescreen" they can hit the crop button on their remote, instead of chopping off part of the picture permanently.
If it can be done well, it will be at the hands of professionals and not your television. The part of the picture that gets cropped is unlikely to have anything more interesting going on than the additional image on the sides has.

I challenge anyone claiming that a widescreen crop could be done, to produce a decent looking crop of the following two fairly standard shots.
I'd have to see what elements existed and were cut off the sides to make it ready for 4:3 transmission. But I think it could be done.
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