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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Time for more hints and tips. Let's revising lighting with

Related to the previous post about LED flashlights, pretty much any kind of light can be used in a shot, provided you have enough of them or a camera that can shoot in the light provided.

On Starship Polaris we had to shoot a closeup of an actor to appear in a very small craft. I suggested that we repurpose some small lighted jogger wands that had been set dressing on a Command Deck console and put them near the actor's face to simulate colored lights coming from instruments inside the craft. Our DP took that one step further and used the three small lights as major lighting elements for the shot.

The three lights around actor Garrett D. Melich's face.
No, it's not Dentistry..of the FUTURE!

The specific lights we used are Life+Gear LED Glowsticks, which cost about $6 each. Our DP taped these to some C-Stand arms and arranged then in a triangle around Garrett's face. The red one was set to steady ON and the other two were set to flash in an alternating pattern. One conventional stage lamp was used to give sufficient illumination for proper exposure, but the flashing LED lights did interesting things on the actor's face and made a shot that would otherwise have been pretty staid actually rather striking.
Frame from one of the takes.
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