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Re: The Federation at war with the Borg?

To put those accusations against Memory Alpha into some sort of perspective - this is not really about some innocent user vs. a power-hungry administrator who just luvs to bully people.

What that debate started out as was a simple suggestion to merge two of our articles into one: the articles Federation-Borg War and Human-Borg history. I think it's pretty plain to see the major overlap in article focus here. While several users agreed with this suggested action, RdS did not and caused some ruckus on the discussion page. It was at this time that, additionally, the difference between minor-case "war" (as in "the two guys were having a war in the forum") and major-case "War" (as part of a proper name as in "the American War of Independence") was brought up, but apparently never understood by one of the discussion participants.

Long story short - the articles were eventually merged with majority consensus, which made the disagreeing user go ballistic. Since he has now admitted, here, that "debating shit" is more important to him than any eventual article content, we will have an eye on him in the future.
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